Group decision support

Smarter decision making

Our Decision Explorer® software has been helping people make better decisions by managing the complexity of all the ideas (known as concepts) around an issue. Whether it is a small model created to solve an individual’s problem or a large model reflecting the ideas of many, it provides a unique way to enter and view the information to make more informed decisions.

Decision Explorer Connect™ allows a group of people in the same location to collaborate in the entry of those ideas, and then to organise them by preferencing, rating or otherwise evaluating them. Designed to support Visual Strategy Making, it is a free download for you to try it out.

Decision Explorer ProjectionConnect concept entry

The system runs on your Windows laptop, and communicates with Decision Explorer. The laptop screen is projected where everyone in the meeting can see it.

Decision Explorer on laptop

The facilitator of the meeting controls the current activity using a web browser connected to the integrated server in the Decision Explorer Connect software. Another laptop or tablet can be used for this.

Facilitator control in a browser

The activities for the participants include entering ideas, preferencing them (advanced voting), rating (perhaps for progress reviews), and a 2-dimensional matrix where you can enter the cost/benefit or probability/impact for each idea.

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Preferencing screen