Group decision support

Using Decision Explorer® Connect

Decision Explorer® Connect is designed to support group interactions, helping you to explore and evaluate ideas and in so doing help you make more robust decisions. Connect can be used informally, in a simple meeting where you just use whichever tools feel right and help you make progress, or you can use Connect more formally and follow a defined and sophisticated methodology such as SODA (Strategic Option Development and Analysis) as developed by Professors Colin Eden and Fran Ackermann, at the University of Strathclyde.

Simple operation

Decision Explorer® Connect is designed so that you can set up and run any of the tools quickly and easily. If you want to gather ideas, you can tap the gather option, set any title or other options, and start using it. Likewise if you want to gather an opinion on the items, like a vote – just select the preference activity, set the number of votes you want people to have, and start the vote.

Simple operation is very flexible and adaptable, so you can use the tools in Decision Explorer® Connect in any order and way that you wish, either with or without the companion Decision Explorer® software.

Use a proven and well defined methodology

If you want to adopt a more formal methodology for your meetings, perhaps for strategic planning or similar, then Decision Explorer® Connect is able to support the ideas expressed in the books by Eden and Ackermann. The books: “Making Strategy: The Journey of Strategic Management” and it’s second edition, “Making Strategy, Mapping out strategic success”, together with the practical handbook, “The Practice of Making Strategy” all describe more formal ways in which the tools in Decision Explorer® Connect can be used to support strategy making. The more recent “Visual Strategy” book develops the method further into “Visual Strategy Making”.

For full details on the books, and links to purchase them, see our books page.