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Personal edition

The Personal Edition of Decision Explorer® brings the power of Decision Explorer® within the reach of everyone. Although there are some limitations, you get the power you need for most projects. If you need more power, you can simply upgrade – the models are fully compatible.

The Personal edition is available for purchase by anyone without restriction. It used to be the Student edition, but there is no qualification needed.

What do you get?

You get the standard software and manuals by web download, and an install code to allow Personal edition capabilities (see below). This provides you with all the information you need in electronic form at a bargain price. Visit the online shop to purchase now.


This edition of the software provides most of the functionality of Decision Explorer®, but with some limitations. Although the number of concepts, views and similar items is limited, the core functionality is all there. If you require the full capabilities, you can upgrade at any time to a full, single user license. The models you have created are fully compatible with other editions. The limitations are:

  • User’s Guide and Reference Manual and Quick-Start Manual in electronic form only
  • 300 concepts per model
  • 8 views per model
  • 8 link styles per model
  • Must be run from local hard disk (not over network)
  • Title changed to display student version occasionally
  • Fixed print of product and user name in page footer (not customisable)
  • Dynamic Data Exchange disabled
  • Path display counts disabled
  • User names not supported
  • External GCL commands cannot be loaded
  • Full screen mode not available
  • Error position control not available

Commands not available:

alias, band, strip & prelaps, std, mix, connect & sort, cset, edm, errorlevel, ht, lsh & lgh, lcreator, leditor, lnames, lru & lrq, logic, loopc, loopr, review, newpass, superpass, stdlevel, nopassword, showlevel, vote. (Exact details may vary in different versions.)

For full details, see the comparison table.

For further information about Decision Explorer® and how it can help your work, please contact Banxia Software.