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Frontier Analyst Case Studies

Benchmarking team and individual performance in R&D Laboratories Individual and group performance and reward is a nagging problem for many organisations. Individuals wish to be rewarded for their specific contribution to the business. However, in many cases they work in teams and team members feel, quite rightly, that they contribute to each other’s success. So how do you differentiate one from the other if that is what you want to do?

Using internal benchmarking with DEA as the measurement mechanism Dr. Mahen Tampoe, an independent management consultant, used Frontier Analyst to help to answer the difficult questions that a team of managers was faced with when considering individual and group performance and reward.

Data Envelopment Analysis in Retail Banking Since 1983 the Australian financial services sector has undergone extensive deregulation. Increasingly, this has resulted in the need to re-examine and re-design existing bank structures, with a view to coping with increased competition and reducing costs.

Dr Necmi K Avkiran, a Senior Lecturer in Financial Studies at the University of Queensland, Australia. Used Frontier Analyst and DEA to study the productivity of retail activities in 60 branches of an Australian trading bank (the name is withheld for reasons of confidentiality).