Data Envelopment Analysis software


Frontier Analyst 4.6 now available

Customers can now use their download details to get the Frontier Analyst 4.6 update. This includes a fix for a bug which causes crashes when importing data into new projects. 

If you are happy with an installation of 4.4 or 4.5 then there is no need to upgrade.

Windows on ARM

Frontier Analyst is software that uses the Windows operating system for its user interface and storage. Windows has traditionally been run on Intel “x86” processors, and more recently the “x64” 64-bit versions. Frontier Analyst is a 32-bit application, and has run happily on Intel. A newer processor type, “ARM”, is becoming popular so we have done testing with the “Windows on ARM” version of Windows. This software has facilities to allow x86 software to continue to work on ARM processors, and so existing software for Intel processors can be used.

We are happy to say that Frontier Analyst is able to operate happily on the current Windows on ARM without modification. In the event that you find an issue with running our products on Windows on ARM, please let us know. Thank you.