Data Envelopment Analysis software

Enterprise: PowerTrain™

If you would like to have the core analysis engine of Frontier Analyst in your own application, Frontier Analyst® PowerTrain™ gives you what you need. PowerTrain is a web service that runs on any Windows computer (we recommend a Server edition) to provide analytical capabilities to your dashboard or web site application. Using the standard SOAP protocol, supported by any modern language, your developers can integrate PowerTrain to deliver efficiency solutions.


  • Proven analysis capability
  • Completely customisable user experience
  • Control over access to the data and analysis capability
  • Ideal for delivering a solution to a client organisation


  • SOAP web service for LAN/WAN use
  • Windows service
  • Uses the DEAML data transfer specification for ease of operation
  • Multi-threaded service so that you can make the best of the PC and solve multiple models simultaneously.
  • Sample code for ASP.NET web and Delphi desktop clients included.
  • Customisation service available if required


Pricing depends on capability required, subject to negotiation. Contact us at for a quote