Data Envelopment Analysis software

Network licence manager

The purpose of the Banxia Network Licence Manager is to allow you to be sure that you are complying with licence terms and only using the software on a correct number of computers at the same time. This is a voluntary facility, but can help reduce your licence costs while ensuring compliance.

The Network Licence Manager works with most of our products, but is documented here in the Frontier Analyst section as that is where it is most used.

The software operates with two parts: the server and the clients (applications). The server runs as a Windows Service on any Windows 2000 or later computer. It will operate in the background, and deliver an install code to client applications that are configured to request a code. The server must be running for clients to get an install code to operate, but the clients will continue to work once they have the code even if the server is no longer available (perhaps for maintenance). The clients do check in with the server every 15 minutes or so, and also to release the install code at the end of operation. In the event that a client is unable to release the code, it will be automatically sorted out when they next connect, or if you use the manual purge option to clear clients not connected for over two hours.

If you would like to use the Network Licence Manager in your organisation, contact us for download details.

At this point in time, use is free (other than the usual licence costs).

You can read the documentation for the Banxia Network Licence Manager here.