Data Envelopment Analysis software

Data management

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Frontier Analyst includes a built-in data entry and editing sheet. If you already have data, then you can import it, or paste it directly from a spreadsheet. The data viewer is a built-in data entry and editing sheet. You edit the data and control which business units and variables are included in the analysis (for “what if” experiments). Filtering allows you to exclude units from the analysis according to value, text or date.

The Analysis is controlled using the DEA Analysis Options window. This allows very easy control over the modes of operation that you require.

Analysis options for Input / Outputs

The input data can be filtered using either individual unit control, or using the powerful filter facility. Using the advanced filter fields in your data, this allows you to analyse (for example) only units in the “Northern” region.

Remember that all graphs and tables can be easily copied to the clipboard for inclusion in your reports.

Frontier Analyst includes all these tools to help you explore and understand efficiency in your organisation. The demonstration shows you all the features and how they can be used. Contact us, or click the Demonstration button for your copy.