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Language Localization in Frontier Analyst

Version 3.2 of Frontier Analyst, available free of charge to all licensed users of version 3.x, allows you to fully localize the user interface. You can choose to change either all of the text, or just those parts that suit you best. There is no need to pay for expensive translators, you can do it yourself with the tools provided. And we encourage you to share your translations so that others can build upon them to make them more complete – will will make them available here for download. If you want to ensure that no one can change your translations – perhaps because you produce it commercially, then that is possible too.

Possible languages: French, Spanish, German, Polish, Chinese – any language that is available on standard versions of Windows. Chinese and similar languages require code-page installation.

Localizations available for download

At the present time, the software has just been launched, so there are no localizations to download. Please share your localization by emailing it to and we will make it available here. Note that you can include your name and contact details if you wish to take credit.

How to localize your software

To localize Frontier Analyst, you go into the Language menu, and select the New Translation menu item. It will ask you for the language name. It will create a translation file, and then you can use the Translate… menu item to show the text items on the current form.

To obtain the translatable version, please email It will become the standard release available via the standard download methods when we have feedback that this is working well.

Note: The translations in the pictures were done using the automatic translation facility that can help get you started quickly. There will be inappropriate translations, but the editor allows you to fix them easily.