Banxia Software – Decision Support and Meeting tools

Instant downloads

Most Banxia Software products are now available for instant download when purchased on our web shop. If you are purchasing a new standard licence for Frontier Analyst or Decision Explorer, you can now download it as soon as you have completed payment. Each product purchase page will make it clear that the instant download option is available. For additional licences and extensions, these are manually processed.

After completing  payment you will be given a link to download the software. The link is available immediately, and also available in your “my account” page on the web shop.  This download from the shop includes the standard product installer, and an install code that will allow operation of the software in accordance with the licence purchased. Most will not expire, unless you purchased a time limited licence.

So, when you buy online you get:

  1. Immediate access to the download (download count is limited from shop).
  2. Install code to allow immediate use in most standard cases.
  3. An online invoice that you can print out for your records.

How to enter your a new install code

If we give you a new install code for some reason, you can apply it in the software you have already installed – you do not have to re-install or un-install anything.

Frontier Analyst

Decision Explorer

In Frontier Analyst you must select the “Change Install Code”item in the Home tab of the toolbar.Click the button to show the dialog.

Enter the new details (easiest if you can copy and paste from the email), and then click OK.

In Decision Explorer select the Control menu Change install code item.The following dialog will appear.

Enter the new details (easiest if you can copy and paste from the email), and then click OK.

If the install code is not accepted (the OK button is not enabled), then please check that you have entered all of the details – name, organisation and install code – exactly as in the email. All items have to be entered as supplied. If you have any problems, please email us at for assistance.