Banxia Software – Decision Support and Meeting tools

Licence details

The Banxia Software Limited software licence can be examined in this PDF file:

Banxia Software Licence

(Updated to clarify academic use and server validation Feb 2014, updated to change from PO Box to street address 2017).

Banxia Software guidelines for eligibility for academic discount

To purchase at the academic rate you must be a bona fide school, college or university teacher/ lecturer, a registered student or researcher at an educational establishment. Proof of status is required when purchasing at the academic rate (e.g. photocopy of a valid student registration/ matriculation card/ university staff card, university purchase order with payment or a letter from your educational establishment confirming student/ staff status). Government/ military establishments do not qualify for academic rates.

So, do you qualify for academic discount? Can you buy your software at the academic rate?

The answer is YES, if you are using the software in connection with your employment or study and you are:

  1. A member of staff or a pupil at a public school or a private school recognised by your country’s Department of Education.
  2. A full-time or part-time matriculated student enrolled on a university or college course that will deliver a publicly recognised academic qualification, recognised by your country’s Department of Education (for example, if you are studying for a diploma, a Bachelors degree, a Masters Degree or a PhD).
  3. A member of staff at a university or a college recognised by your country’s Department of Education.

What does not qualify you for academic discount?

  1. Correspondence courses or evening classes
  2. Courses taken in connection with a person’s job, such as day-release or preparation for professional qualifications.

Web downloads

Most of our own software products are now available for instant download. Please see the Instant downloads page for details. Please note that sales are final, and we can only refund in exceptional situations. Please use the working demonstrations to ensure it will work on your computer. If you have problems, please email us for assistance. Thank you.