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WEEE recycling

What you need to know

All electrical goods sold in the UK must now comply with the RoHS regulations and be supplied by a WEEE registered supplier. You should check that your supplier is WEEE registered or that the business they buy from (the distributor) is WEEE registered.

Banxia is itself registered so you can know that the waste electrical regulations are complied with.

If you are buying a student response system, you need to know that your supply is from a registered source, and get your supplier’s registration number, the law requires that WEEE registration numbers are shown on all invoices.

What are WEEE and RoHS?

WEEE stands for the “Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment” regulations, and anyone who imports or distributes electrical or electronic items must be registered. The UK government pages on this are given here.

What it means for you as a customer is that when a product comes to the end of its useful life you need to decide if you are just going to dispose of it orwhether you will be purchasing new equipment (a replacement). If you are replacing old equipment with a new version, then you can request that the Producer takes the old equipment back. There may be a charge, so you need to establish if you are paying for the disposal as part of the new product cost or if there is a one-off charge. If you are just going to dispose of the equipment, then you need to do it in the proper manner, which will mean using a WEEE disposal service (if your company does not have an authorised contractor to dispose of the equipment).

RoHS (usually pronounced “Ro-hass”) stands for the “Restriction on the use of certain Hazardous Substances” in electrical and electronic equipment. The UK government pages on this are given here.

What this means for you as a customer is that you should check that the products you buy carry the RoHS symbol and have a statement from the manufacturer to say that the goods are RoHS compliant.

WEEE and Interwrite PRS

Interwrite Learning is an American company and so they are not WEEE registered, but when you purchase Interwrite products in the UK it is your UK supplier who MUST be registered and their registration number MUST appear on their invoices to you. Banxia Software is registered so you can be assured that supplies from ourselves are compliant and our registration number is on all of our invoices, as required by law.