Practical pads for thinking

About Ovalmap pads

What is Oval Mapping for?

Oval Mapping is a technique to help a group of people work out the ideas around an issue. You may choose to follow a formal methodology, or you may just use the ovals in an informal manner, but they are a great way of getting people to participate in discussion and to map out ideas.

Typical uses include:
  • Developing a strategy
  • Discovering how ideas fit together
  • Negotiating

The key is that by writing ideas on the ovals, placing them on the appropriate place on the wall, and adding links between them, the participants develop a shared understanding of the issue under consideration. Depending on the requirements, further ovals can then be used to work out a possible action plan.


The ovals are specifically designed for oval mapping, and are not available from any other sources. They include a 3M Post-It® strip across the back to give a good stick while still being moveable. They are approximately 190mm by 110mm, and have a faint black line around the edge to improve visible definition. The words “” appear in small writing at the bottom to help you find us again for future orders.

Each pad has 50 pieces of oval paper. A pack includes 10 pads. You can order multiples of packs, either OV10 or OV50, where an OV50 has 50 pads of 50 pieces of paper. If buying one OV10, we recommend you buy two, as the postage is then spread across more pads.