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Making Strategy
The Journey of Strategic Management

Colin Eden and Fran Ackermann both at University of Strathclyde

Published by Sage Publications October 1998 · 528 pages. Paper (0-7619-5225-X)

In this book, Making Strategy: The Journey of Strategic Management, Professor Colin Eden and Dr Fran Ackermann of the Strathclyde Business School provide an integrated and practical resource for all those concerned with translating strategic theory into management practice. Closely cross-referenced throughout, the three parts of the text:

  • elaborate the theory and concepts of strategic management
  • illustrate through case vignettes involving organizations such as Scottish Natural Heritage, the National Health Service, the Northern Ireland Prison Service, and Reed Business Publishing, the process of strategy making
  • provide practical guidelines on the methods, tools and techniques employed in the vignettes

A primary tool is the use of cognitive maps to capture, manipulate and understand complex data. The book explains how to use these either as paper based processes – as maps of interviews or in “oval mapping” sessions with groups – or through the software packages Decision Explorer and Group Explorer.

“Journey Making” really made a difference – developing strategy with such a high level of ownership and commitment was a key contribution to our winning the Quality Scotland Award for Business Excellence. – Ron Culley, Chief Executive, Govan Initiative, Glasgow

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